July 23, 2013

Elams Join the Rank of Master Pro 10!

Built on the strength of inspiring leadership, a tireless work ethic, complete devotion to building a robust business and an undaunted belief, Blue and Raelene Elam, and Colt and Cathy Elam have long been top leaders among LifeVantage distributors. Now, the team has accomplished the phenomenal and commendable feat of advancing to the rank of Master Pro 10.

Blue Elam Colt Elam

The Elams were among the first distributors to join the LifeVantage network, and they have had their sights set on excellence since day one. Cousins Blue and Colt, former firefighters, always knew there was a better way to provide for their families and to find more time and freedom to design their lives according to their choosing.

As successful distributors, Blue and Colt, along with their supportive wives, have dedicated their efforts to changing lives and helping other distributors reach their potential and achieve their goals. Now, as Master Pro 10s, they will assume an even greater role of leadership. We whole-heartedly congratulate them for this attaining this milestone.

President of LifeVantage Network David Brown made the following comments regarding this great news: "The Master Pro 10 rank represents the highest level of achievement at LifeVantage, and Blue and Colt Elam consistently represent the highest levels of integrity, diligence, and concern for others. All the skeptics of network marketing would be silenced upon observing the way they build their business by building up others, and any distributor can succeed by following their example. Colt and Blue are not only blessed with the love and support of their family, but with the admiration and respect of the entire LifeVantage family. And while congratulations are certainly in order, they will not be satisfied until they've helped many others reach their dreams as well! Thanks Blue and Colt!"