July 24, 2013

School's in Session: LifeVantage University now Available

After tremendous effort on the part of field leaders and corporate staff, we are pleased to launch LifeVantage University, an exciting new tool to help distributors acquire the proficiencies to help them become successful. This online interactive tool went live July 18. You can access it from your Virtual Office.

LifeVantage University has the following benefits and features:

  • - Consists of tests, in-video questions and role-play activities
  • - Contains training courses, including “Becoming a LifeVantage Distributor” and “Getting a Return on Your Investment”
  • - Access through your Virtual Office
  • - 60-day free trial for new and existing distributors; $5 monthly tuition afterward
  • - Opt-in or opt-out option for new distributors
  • - Improves instructional quality, accessibility and standardization
  • - Supplements On-the-Job Training component of the Blueprint; provides a personalized training experience
  • - Helps you feel immediately connected to field leadership and to the LifeVantage community

Please take advantage of this new tool and emphasize to team members and new enrollees how crucial it is in their development.

So get to class, have fun and graduate with success through LifeVantage University!